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PAX College was established in 1991, with the mission to primarily provide tertiary education and training according to manpower and technological needs of industries. In pursuit of academic excellence, the main emphasis at the college is specific vocational preparation. Since inception, PAX College has offered various recognized qualifications in the IT, Business Studies, Tourism, Beauty and Hotel/Catering Fields.


PAX College’s aim has always been to nurture the learner’s intelligence and broaden their outlook on life for the competitive working world. PAX’s education solely revolves around practicality that will ensure response from industry in the form of job reservation. Our organizational goals which border on the success and marketability of our institutions programmes have found expression in the number of graduates that have secured placements in industry and the satisfactory feedback obtained even during experiential learning.

PAX College has therefore acquired a reputable, respected and recognized status as a private tertiary educational institution which has served the greater Durban area for 30+ years. The PAX College mission statement is “to be a quality provider of repute in South Africa providing professional, competent and confident graduates that respond to industry needs and develop the Community in the Education Sector”. It is our institution’s fervent desire to contribute to a stable economy, investing in “Our People’s Future”.

At this time, when the need for education in South Africa at all levels is extremely pressing, it behooves those of us who are best qualified and most experienced in the field to show that we are willing and able to extend ourselves and to take up the challenge.


Why choose us?

  1. Our campus has a safe, secure environment where students can really focus on their studies.
  2. We offer free tutorials for those who need extra assistance.
  3. Our lecturers are highly qualified, passionate and caring people who genuinely have the students’ interest at heart.
  4. We have exciting extra-curricular activities, such as annual balls, fashion shows, dramas, dances, to sports days and excursions.
  5. Our courses and syllabi which are structured to meet industry needs; ensure that our students are qualified to fulfill job market requirements.
  6. Specializes in specific fields for the working world.
  7. Our Flexi-time hours help students to adjust schedules to fit in with their individual needs, instead of the student having to adapt to the college’s schedule.
  8. We assist students who qualify with in-service training and job placement sat no extra cost.
  9. We are one of the very few Private Colleges in KZN that enjoy a professional and mutually beneficial relationship with the working industry, enabling our students to be placed in various positions in the private sector as well as governmental departments.
  10. Affordable fees with easy payment options.
  11. We are on the databases of some financial institutes, joining forces to assist students with study loans.
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