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Celebrates its 32nd Year

PAX celebrates its 32nd year in the field of tertiary education and has grown into a reputable, respected and sort after brand in South Africa. Due to its unwavering system of values in offering a high standard of service delivery, PAX prides itself in maintaining integrity in the tertiary education sector that has always been characteristic of the college.

Mrs Brenda Govender, the CEO of PAX College has spent the prime years of her life since its inception, fervently building the PAX brand into a fast growing and trusted tertiary institution. The institution focuses on placing the student’s wellbeing at the forefront of its operations.

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    Vibrant Campus Life

    PAX endeavors to create a balanced lifestyle for our students. As much as the academics are the forefront of our day-to-day life; we also attempt to give the student as must extra-curricular activities as we possibly can. Thus we are able to develop a student that is outgoing and confident on campus and out in the working world.

    Why Choose Pax?

    Our campus has a safe, secure environment where students can really focus on their studies. We offer free tutorials for those who need extra assistance. Our lecturers are highly qualified, passionate and caring people who genuinely have the students’ interests at heart. We have exciting extra-curricular activities, such as annual balls, fashion shows, dramas, dances, sports days and excursions.

    We have implemented affordable fee structures to assist all households in securing their future studies with us. For those who cannot afford the monthly payment plan we are on the databases of most financial institutes, joining forces to assist students with study loans. E.g., Standard Bank and Fundi.

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    Theory & Practical Components

    Our courses are structured to include vast theoretical understanding, with the requisite practical components attached. We aim to give the student an idea of what their working life will entail once they successfully complete their qualification with us. Our students are equipped with enough skills to fulfil job industry standards across all fields of study.

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    Our Facilities

    Alumni Support

    With our prestigious 30 Years of Academic Excellence, we have developed many students who have entered the working world with the requisite skills to succeed.

    World Recognized Qualifications

    PAX offers the National N Diploma through the Department of Higher Education and Training. Being a government-based qualification means that this diploma is recognized nationally and internationally through the WES (World Education Services).

    Textbooks and Resources

    Through the years we have developed great relationships with many providers across all sectors. For the students text material and stationery needs we recommend Premier Book Bazaar Shop and Van Schaik Bookstore.