Durban University of Technology (DUT) and PAX College Unite for Better Education (2012 – 2018)

The Durban University of Technology hosted a banquet at the DUT Hotel School in November 2012 where the union with Pax College was celebrated. The partnership was formed in a bid to address the skills shortage in South Africa by providing quality higher education as well as effective community development programmes. The objective of the MOU at the time was to promote co-operation, exchange of information and expertise in the fields of education and training as well as research and development in all possible disciplines. This collaboration helped in creating articulation pathways for the students at PAX COLLEGE to further their studies at the Durban University of Technology. It is in such collaborative efforts that helps to advance educational development in Higher Education in South Africa.

“Like the faces of the creature in the book of Ezekiel, may this partnership have strength and courage like a lion, face challenges like an ox, have the face and humanity of man, have sight for future prospects like an eagle and fly higher in the future”, he said.

Pax College Chief Executive Officer Brenda Govender said she hopes that the partnership would bring solutions that will impact the country’s education system. “We celebrated 21 years in the FET education sector this year and are pleased. It is truly a milestone. We have worked hard at adding a good quality education to our country, but we can’t do it alone. I hope this partnership brings about solutions that will impact our education system in South Africa and to the province. I couldn’t be happier with this partnership as DUT has a number of successful programmes that I see benefiting our college and our students”, she said.

In attendance from KwaZulu-Natal’s Department of Education, Dr Hintsa Mhlane said he hopes that the union brings back the nobility of teaching.

“We look forward to the work that will come out of this union. DUT is an amazing institution that produces great students. We thank all members of staff for their hard work and we look forward to this journey”, said Frans Grey, Manager at Pax College. – Nongcebo Khumalo

Pictured from right: Brenda Govender; Pax College CEO, DUT Vice-Chancellor and Principal; Professor Ahmed Bawa.
Pictured from right: Marius Calitz, Ex 2012 Pax College Lecturer; Persy Maphumulo, Frans Grey; Ex 2012 Pax College Manager, Brenda Govender; Pax College CEO (standing on her right hand side is her husband Mr Govender), DUT Vice-Chancellor and Principal; Professor Ahmed Bawa, Dr Hintsa Mhlane from the KZN Department of Education and Thekwini FET Colleges Rector; Brian Cadir.

Education Delegation to China: June 2017 Collaborative Partnership between Confucius Institute of China and PAX College

In 2017 PAX COLLEGE had the privilege of being included on an educational delegation to China represented by our CEO, Mrs Brenda Govender. She was blessed to be an active participant in the company of Leading Educational Professionals from various institutions with the likes of University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban University of Technology and Crawford School. The 2 week visit to three major cities in China (Beijing, Fuzhou and Wuyishan) was enlightening and an eye opening experience for Mrs Govender. This delegation helped to understand new cultures, different habits, similarities and highlighted why China is a global powerhouse despite our differences. Upon her return to South Africa, Mrs Brenda Govender motivated the collaborative partnership between PAX COLLEGE and THE CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE OF CHINA. This resulted in the introduction of a Free course in Mandarin to PAX’S students. Our students were also given a unique opportunity to visit China on a student Winter Camp.

International Visitor Leadership Program to the United States of America: April 2018
The Community College Landscape in the USA

In April 2018, our CEO, Mrs Brenda Govender was given yet another opportunity to visit the United States of America as an International Leader representing PAX COLLEGE and the TVET EDUCATIONAL SECTOR IN SOUTH AFRICA. She visited and presented at various community colleges across three cities (Washington DC, Chicago, and Northern Alabama). This visit had a significant impact on her both professionally and personally. It helped to gain insight into the U.S. Community College culture and education system. It further deepened the understanding of general administration issues such as management, governance, policy, finance, student demographics and development. This was yet another amazing experience for our CEO which brought back distinct benefits and knowledge in the areas of IT, Business Studies, Tourism, Hospitality and Engineering fields.