PAX College celebrates its 30th year in the field of tertiary education and has grown into a reputable, respected and sort after brand in South Africa. Due to its unwavering system of values in offering a high standard of service delivery, PAX College prides itself in maintaining integrity in the tertiary education sector that has always been characteristic of the college.

Mrs Brenda Govender, the CEO of PAX College has spent the prime years of her life since its inception, fervently building the PAX College brand into a fast growing and trusted tertiary institution. The institution focuses on placing the student’s wellbeing at the forefront of its operations.

The college’s team of committed and dedicated Management and staff always aspire to inform and engage all stakeholders, including parents to support the process of preparing the students for success. The institution recognizes the need to retain the respect and faith of its students and parents. The college therefore focuses on meeting the needs of its students by fostering the highest standard of education and training. PAX College is proud of its many achievements that have led to it being currently recognized as one of the leading Private Colleges in South Africa.

As drastic changes have occurred in the world recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting our economy, the education system and the country’s productivity, the need for qualified, highly skilled, and well-groomed employees arises. PAX College has therefore set strategic goals to develop, improve and produce in line with the current demand for online learning whilst ensuring a safe learning environment for its students. PAX College strives to support the growth of a strong economy, building strong societies and preparing graduates who have the skills and will to succeed in these challenging times. Gaining a recognized qualification is certainly a step in the right direction.

“One Learner, One Life At A Time… Can Lead To Communities” Mrs Brenda Govender (Chief Executive Officer)