PAX is celebrating entering its 32nd year in the field of tertiary education. It has grown into a reputable, respected, and sought-after brand in South Africa.

Due to its uncompromising system of values and unwavering commitment to offering a high standard of service delivery, Pax takes pride in maintaining its characteristic integrity within the tertiary education sector. The institution focuses on placing the student’s wellbeing at the forefront of its operations.

The college’s team of committed and dedicated management and staff always aspires to inform and engage all stakeholders, including parents, to support the process of preparing the students for success.
The institution recognises the need to retain the respect and faith of its students and parents. It therefore focuses on meeting the needs of its students by fostering a high standard of education and training. Pax is proud of its many achievements that have led to it being recognised as one of the leading private colleges in South Africa.

With the recent drastic global changes that have negatively affected affecting our economy, the education system and the country’s productivity, the need for qualified, highly skilled, and well-groomed employees has become even greater.

Pax strives to support the growth of a strong economy and society by preparing graduates who have the skills and will to succeed in these challenging times. It has therefore set strategic goals to develop, improve and produce in line with the current demand for online learning, while ensuring a safe learning environment for its students. Gaining a recognised qualification through Pax with the Department of Higher Education and Training is certainly a step in the right direction.

“One learner, one life at a time can lead to communities. Dream big and discover the possibilities that will lead to a great future with purpose and hope. Together we win.” – CEO of Pax College.


Pax College has been a life changing experience for me. Coming from a home where my parents couldn’t afford to send me to further my studies was a challenge. I was fortunate, as Pax College offered me a bursary. I remember getting this news and my heart was overwhelmed with joy knowing that I was being given an opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer. Today I am working in my chosen career – all because of the help of Pax. They really made a difference in my life. Thank you, Pax College.
Rachael Johnson
Civil Engineering graduate at Pax College (2019)